2014. december 20., szombat

Most lehet

 rajtam vigyorogni. Már megint összekevertem a napokat.
Tegnapra lett volna a dícsérő szavak rendezőktől - Robról.

"The thing I liked about Rob Pattinson as an actor is that he’s a serious actor. And you could lose sight of that, because he’s had this big popular success with the Twilight movies, but he is not afraid to play a character who is difficult to like, you know, because some actors are afraid to do that, because they feel it is too personal, that they themselves will not be liked by their audience, and so on. But a real actor is not afraid to play an unsympathetic character, and Rob is a real actor." (David Cronenberg)
Mindenkinek házi feladat:fordítani :)

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